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Every person has a unique tale to tell. Yours is far more potent than you realize. We breathe life into your brand and make the intangible tangible.

Do you have trouble explaining your product to others? Do you need to demonstrate a sophisticated piece of software? Do you want your target audience to remember your brand? We connect you with expert motion graphics designers that are schooled in your sector and have access to a wide range of tools to fuel their creativity.

It’s time to bring your brand to life by animation videos.

Our Animation Production Process:

Scripting Creativity

The animation approach is tailored to your specific requirements. Your devoted writer provides a text-based narration that is usually between 72 and 290 words long. Your finished video will be between 10-120 seconds long if you stick to these guidelines.

Storyboarding Success

We go onto storyboarding when your team approves the script, which is where ideas really come to life.

We visualize everything on the screen, shot by shot, so you have a good idea of what the final product will look like. Colours, backdrops, video cues, narration, and, depending on the style of animation, characters and actions, are all involved in the storyboarding process.

Producing Excellence

We totally animate and create your video using Adobe Creative Suite and other proprietary applications. Visually designing all characters and assets, timing voiceover work, synchronizing music, and integrating essential branding aspects are all part of this stage. The exact components and image will be determined by the kind and size of your animation, with the entire production lasting 4-6 weeks.

How It’s Made

Explainer Videos

Your audience will retain knowledge and understand your brand if you use animations to swiftly and effectively communicate information. We create informative and straightforward explainer films since using words alone asks too much of viewers.

We’ve discovered that explainers make it simple to convert abstract ideas like software and data into digestible information.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations combine the power of art and narrative for fast drawings, text, or character-based design. These films are ideal for instructional videos, educational guides, and linear narrative.

Connect with your audience by animating the messaging you need to convey.

Product Promotions

Present your products and services in the best light possible. Because animations are frequently more successful than conversing with a sales representative, get your product marketing films into the hands of prospects for faster conversions.

For better branding and market positioning, we build up your animations to emphasize capabilities, integrations, top features, key differentiators, and logos.

Animation Plans


$1200per minute

Instagram Story

$399per story

Typography Kinetic

$799per minute

Let’s Talk about making an Animation

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an animated video take to produce?2021-11-04T16:37:41-04:00

A common inquiry regarding delivery of a business video production- and it depends on many things, including project complexity and client availability for feedback. As a rough guide, a 1 minute standard 2D animated video with speedy client feedback will take 2 weeks to work through script and storyboard to completed animation video delivery.

Do I get full copyrights to the video?2021-11-04T16:28:50-04:00
Once video is complete you own full copyrights to the video and you can use it as needed.
How many people will work on my video?2021-11-04T16:28:25-04:00

Creating an effective explainer video is a time consuming task that involves a strong pool of artists and creatives. A dedicated team of writers, professional artists and animators work on every project. The team includes:

  • Story Lead
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Sound Designer

We also work with professional models if you require a live action video.

How much does an animated video cost?2021-11-04T16:27:58-04:00

Animation works with the best animators, storytellers and voice over artists. An animated video can range anywhere from as little $1,000 to $100,000+ depending on the type of video you want and the studio. Video production costs depend on the type of video, style of animation, and number of people needed to achieve the best results for your project.

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