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Today’s consumers are more bombarded with advertisements, jaded by marketing, and suspicious of companies than ever before. However, the same customers have propelled a slew of internet companies to instant success.

Customers nowadays are picky, but they still choose businesses that appear, talk, and act honestly. However, developing a real brand identity – let alone one that is in line with your business objectives – is a difficult process.

We know what it takes for digital businesses to thrive at Cham. With Brand Identity Services Our team helps organizations stand out via creative design, compelling content, and a little soul-searching, with an eye for narrative and a passion for strategy. Contact us

How We Help Brands Find Themselves

1. Discovery + Research

We believe stakeholder interviews to be mission-critical for any branding project. We use open-ended questions to learn about your company’s aims, as well as what your brand is now and what it aspires to be. We also establish the groundwork for the project by doing crucial research. We pay special attention to your key rivals, your audience’s behavior, and industry branding trends.

2. Brand Storytelling

The modern brand has a story – a driving manifesto that explains what they’re doing and why their audience should care. Taking what we learned during Discovery, our branding and content teams help identify and develop the narrative behind your business, putting in writing your vision, mission, positioning, values, and core promises.

3. Verbal Identity

The modern brand has a narrative — a mission statement that explains what they’re doing and why their audience should care. Our branding and content teams use what we learnt during Discovery to help you establish and construct the narrative behind your company, putting your vision, mission, positioning, values, and essential promises in writing.

4. Visual Identity

Our design and branding teams have extensive experience defining aesthetic guidelines for digital brands in addition to generating outstanding logos.

We can assist you in selecting a brand color palette that blends well and strikes the right tone. We can design bespoke icons, direct photography, and create other brand-defining visual aspects. We can also extend your visual identity across any medium where consistency and authenticity are important, such as websites, advertising, and even animation.

5. Implementation

Cham, as a full-service digital agency, is prepared to put our branding advice into action and transition smoothly into the implementation phase. Similarly, our marketing team is standing by to help you get your new brand in front of customers.

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