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Approximately 80% of all web traffic is made up of video material. It’s one of the most effective ways to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. A single, extremely memorable TV commercial acts as a mnemonic device: if you remember the content, it’ll be much easier to remember the brand that produced it. Commercial Video can also be used to graphically express difficult information in an easy-to-understand style. For example, 97 percent of organizations claim that video aids in the comprehension of their products or services. Contact us to talk about how to begin a commercial video project

Our Video Production process:

1. Brainstorm

We can assist you in deciding on a video strategy or provide suggestions for the type of marketing video you should make.

2. Script

Our editorial team can produce a video script for you. If you want to shoot a vox pop or testimonial video, you’ll probably need interview questions instead of a script; we can come up with questions and interview cadences that will provide fantastic quotes and video clips.

3. Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual representation of an animation. It depicts the video’s highlights, such as the screenplay, on-screen text, and transitions.

4. Film

Whether we’re travelling to your location or event, or you’re coming to our in-house studio, we’ll be prepared with all the right equipment, including the appropriate cameras, microphones, lighting, green screens and more.

5. Edit

Your video editor will parse through all the footage and identify the best way to put it all together. The final product will be the right length, and could include multiple cuts to use on social media, your website, at trade show events and more.

6. Deliver

Once you’ve reviewed the video, you can request any edits you may have. Once finalised, you’ll receive the video in a shareable format for you to upload to your YouTube channel, Vimeo or another video sharing platform.

Our Commercial Video Production Services

Video ads

A branded video ad informs, entertains and inspires your audience. Branded content such as this builds awareness through visual storytelling, engaging footage and polished editing.

At Cham, our videographers can write, produce, shoot, edit and distribute online video ads that will help your company make a great first impression with potential customers. Every Cham-made video ad is produced with a specific audience in mind and aimed at the most promising prospects and leads.

Corporate promotional video


A corporate promo is like a video ad but with a greater focus on the people and the corporate values that drive an organisation. Corporate videos tell your brand story and can include corporate photography, employee spotlights, and testimonials and interviews with leadership.

Rather than putting products and services front and centre, corporate video production focuses more on employees at work, in their communities or with customers.

Animated videos and motion graphics

Some concepts are harder than others to represent through live video. But there is almost nothing Cham’s highly creative motion graphics team cannot bring to life.

Our animators can use 2D and 3D motion graphics to tell stories, explain the features of a product or service, demonstrate complex concepts and much more. Creative storytelling not only provides engaging content – it helps create an emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

Product demos

Video is a great way to show your amazing products and services in action. You can use visual storytelling to demonstrate specific features and differentiators that are too complicated or less impactful when conveyed through copy.

Whether you want to create an introductory video for new customers, e-learning resources for your staff, or step-by-step product tutorials for every aspect of your product or service, our videographers and animators can help.

Social media video


Social video adds eye-catching, attention-grabbing content to your social feeds. Our animators and video editors know how to create videos that are particularly tailored to social media, encouraging shares and engagement from your audience.

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