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+9 Ways to Increase Instagram Reach : Full Guide

9 Ways to Increase Instagram Reach Full Guide

Do you want to increase your Instagram reach? Are you looking for effective strategies? You’ll discover techniques to expand your Instagram reach in this post.

Social networks are an important tool in any digital marketing strategy. Therefore, it is logical that those in charge of these strategies keep awake to understand how they work and what elements they consider achieving a greater reach in potential clients. One of the most relevant social networks is Instagram, the third with the largest number of users (1,221 million) , and one of the favorites of millennials. 

In order for brands to be successful on Instagram, they must obtain a good reach, since it is a determining factor to obtain good results.

What is the Instagram Reach? What’s the difference between Reach and Impression?

The amount of times your material was shown is referred to as impressions. It includes total views, so if the same user views the item more than once, you will receive one extra impression each time.

The reach, on the other hand, counts the number of people who accessed your material, or the number of unique views. Continuing with the previous example, if someone views a post five times, its reach is one because it was viewed by a single user, but its impressions are five.
Let’s get deeper into the topic now that you understand what Instagram impressions are and how they differ from reach.

How much is a good range?

To determine what is a good reach, you have to take into consideration the number of followers of each Instagram account . In general, those profiles with a higher number of users have a lower percentage of reach, compared to accounts with a lower number of followers.

Brands that do not exceed 10,000 followers have an average reach of 8.4% in stories and 26.6% in posts. Meanwhile, accounts with more than 200,000 followers have an average of 2.3% reach in stories and 13.8% in posts. 

In the middle are those profiles between 10,000 and 50,000 followers, with an estimated reach of 5.4% in stories and 25.1% in posts. Finally, accounts with 50 to 200 thousand followers have a 3.5% average reach in stories and 18.3% in posts.

As can be seen from the previous data, there is a greater reach in the posts. And the type of content is a point to consider. Users are more likely to see a post in the feed than in stories.

The Instagram Algorithm and Organic Reach

What makes social media so powerful, valuable, and (at times) infuriating is its organic reach. It’s a costless technique to engage with consumers and, as a result, boost sales. However, as you may be aware, growing your Instagram following requires time and talent, and the algorithm plays a role in this.
Instagram chooses which posts to display each user based on a complicated algorithm. According to the social network, postings are sorted based on the following factors:
– What kind of content do you appreciate and connect with?
– Relationship—your interactions with the account that is uploading information in the past.
– Information about the user who made the post
– Information about a certain post, such as how popular it is and what material it contains

This algorithm is continually being fine-tuned to make it easier for consumers to find and enjoy content. Although Instagram denies ever limiting reach on purpose, by 2016, users were only seeing 10% of possible posts in their feed due to a lack of material to manage. Businesses must work harder to be seen now that the algorithm has altered to prioritize postings from family and friends.
The algorithm encourages innovation in business accounts: new material, forms, and relationships. That’s why, regardless of your individual technique, it’s critical to maintain a consistent flow of postings and to never stop testing.

How to Increase Organic Reach?

Despite the fact that specialists have the data and know how to publish Instagram analytics for content and brand, many individuals wish to boost their statistics and reach even more prospective customers. As a result, understanding how the Instagram algorithm works in general is critical.

First and foremost, it is critical to collect and evaluate as much data from the profile as possible in order to develop a plan that meets our objectives. Experts in analysis advise monitoring the scope obtained in order to gain a history and comprehend how it has changed over time.

It is very important that this data is based on the profile that is being analyzed and in which you want to increase the metrics in order to increase in followers, sales, reach or any other objective that the brand has. 

Analyzing the data will also help you understand the best times to post and when the best results will be achieved. With the data it will be possible to obtain certain days and time slots that have positive results. 

The type of content we publish is essential, as some achieve better reach than others because the Facebook algorithm works the same as Instagram’s, learning from what it observes. Therefore, offering content that the audience enjoys and interacts with is the key , since engagement will drive reach. Engagement is a fundamental piece because if Instagram sees a response, it will offer the public the content that interests them the most. 

To increase the organic reach of Instagram, it is best to do a data analysis to present the most interesting content for your type of audience , and try new features, content formats and innovate in strategies to improve the numbers on our profile. 

Top Strategies to Increase Instagram organic Reach

Here are some strategies and settings you may use to boost your Instagram organic reach.

1. Make Use of All of Instagram’s Post Formats

Instagram is always adding new features. By now, you should be able to post:
In your feed Stories, you’ll find a single picture, photo carousels, and short video clips, as well as AR lenses, polls, questions, links, shopping, and fundraising tags.
Reels IGTV Instagram Live video broadcasts, including shared streams with other accounts, are highlighted in the story.
Products in an Instagram store are guides, which are compilations of posts on a given theme.
Businesses are often encouraged to concentrate on one or two social media platforms when it comes to social media. However, to optimize your influence on that social network, you should employ all of the numerous forms accessible. Posting across multiple platforms provides a regular presence and steady flow of material, as well as reaching prospective followers regardless of where they are on the site.Many small companies just publish on their feeds or prioritize Stories above everything else. You could discover that certain forms connect with your audience more than others. However, if you don’t employ the whole variety of options accessible, you may be losing out on new audiences or chances.

2. Make Accessibility a Priority

Accessibility is sometimes overlooked in social media campaigns, but it should be at the top of your list. According to the CDC, one out of every four Americans has a disability. You might be losing out on 25% of your target audience if you don’t make your social media material accessible.
Making material accessible is frequently easier than people realize. Instagram now has a number of automated options that make the process even simpler.
Here are some of the most important things to remember :
For IGTV, enable automatic captions. On Instagram, these fast subtitles are accessible in 16 different languages. (Note: For articles and video postings, you’ll still have to manually add captions.)For Instagram photos, use alt text. For those who can’t see pictures, alt text is a little piece of text that explains them. It’s also possible that Instagram may utilize it as a source of information on the content of the post, which will feed back into the algorithm.
To make sure your color palette is easy to see and comprehend, use a tool like Who Can Use (free).
If you’re manually adding captions to your tales, make sure the content is legible and clear.
Make sure your face is clearly visible for folks who lip-read and limit background noise to a minimum while recording video.
Finally, the most important piece of accessibility advice I can offer you is to pay attention. The accessibility requirements are many and complicated. If someone tells you that your material is unavailable to them, pay attention and make any modifications that they recommend.

3. Make your Instagram Stories public by turning on sharing

Is it possible to post your Instagram stories? In your story settings, you may activate options that allow users to share your tales on their own Stories feeds or by direct messaging.
Because they wish to maintain control over their content, some businesses turn this option off. But it goes against the essence of social media and restricts your organic reach needlessly.
Allowing people to re-share your tales gives them the ability to advocate your company and bring in new followers and customers. If you’re genuinely concerned about the safety of your brand, you can keep an eye on those shares and ban rogue people one by one.

4. Enable Instagram Reels Remixing

Reels are Instagram’s counterpart to TikTok: short, snackable films with video effects and background soundtrack that you can customize. They also have a Remix option, similar to TikTok’s Duets, that enables you to record a reaction to someone else’s reel and compare it to your own.
You have the option of allowing others to remix your reels. This option should be enabled for the same reason that making your stories shared should be enabled: to promote greater engagement from followers.

5. Include location tags in your posts

If you have a physical presence, such as a shop or a café, or even a mobile service, such as a pop-up or truck, this phase is very critical.
Both feed posts and stories may include location tags. In general, I advise utilizing location tags in your postings. For Stories, the location tag must appear in the picture, which might obstruct the content and is less persistent.
People will find your material if they search for local posts and accounts if you include location tags in your feed posts. It’s a simple approach to grow your local audience and organic reach.

6. Make Instagram’s branded content tags available

Did you realize that you might be tagged in other companies’ Instagram advertising and sponsored posts? This space is ideal for brand collaborations and sponsorships. However, it also implies that you might profit organically from the purchased reach of another company.
While activating this option does not ensure a shout-out, it’s worth it just in case. Thousands of new product views might be generated by a single branded content tag.
Go to the Business tab in your Instagram settings to discover the option for sponsored content tags. You have the option of enabling all content tags automatically or manually approving each one. You may also build a list of authorized business partners who can tag you in their branded posts and advertising, which is a third option. If you collaborate with another company on a regular basis, this will save you a lot of time.

7. Maximize Content Value with Instagram Highlights

Instagram Stories are a terrific way to expand your audience. They’re short, entertaining, and participatory, all of which are excellent attributes for expanding your organic reach. They do, however, have one big flaw: they vanish after 24 hours. This is where the highlights of Stories come in.
Any article may be made into a highlight on your profile, which will keep it pinned to the top of your grid indefinitely. This is very useful when telling tales about your goods, services, or brand image.
You don’t have to confine your highlights to those informative areas, either. You may also use them to keep track of your most popular and viral tales, allowing for long-term involvement and sharing as more people become aware of them.

8. Give your followers a reason to talk about your brand on social media

Piggybacking on the reach of other accounts, or getting them to post about you or share your posts, is one of the simplest methods to expand your organic reach on Instagram.
However, how can you persuade individuals to do so? Here are a few easy suggestions…
Make mention of other persons in your posts.
Run Instagram contests to get others to tag you in their posts (for example, a photo of themselves using your products).
Like, share, and comment on posts that mention you to encourage user-generated content (UGC).
This share-motivation technique will take time to develop. You may hasten your efforts by holding giveaways with specific, desired rewards or encourage users to utilize a dedicated hashtag for user-generated content.
Creating highly shareable content is another approach to encourage your Instagram followers to share your posts.
For various companies, shareable content will take on different forms. It might be motivating statements or graphics for some. It might be surveys, riddles, or instructional stuff for others. It’s memes for some daring companies! You are the one who best understands your target market. Consider the sorts of things they most often publish, enjoy, and share.
You may also increase shareability by generating information that is current. Consider national holidays, important holidays, or brand events that occur once a year. I wouldn’t recommend attending every event on the calendar, but a few well-chosen holidays may really make your message stand out.
Consider the following scenario:
For Earth Day, a sustainable brand is being promoted.
A company with a large following of parents posting for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
A company that produces new products on a regular basis organizes an annual festival to commemorate their newest range.
Finally, enabling the Guides option is another technique to promote sharing. Other accounts may include your posts in their Instagram guides, which are compilations of relevant knowledge on a certain subject. You’ll be automatically labeled as the article author even if someone else creates the guide.

9. Experiment with different post times and frequency on Instagram

Changing when you publish content may have a significant impact on your organic reach. Keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm favors material that is fresh. As a result, your objective is to publish when your followers are online so that your posts appear at the top of the list.
The first place to look is Instagram Insights. This will show you when your followers are most likely to be active and online. If they connect with your posts, the Instagram system will reward you by increasing your organic reach.
Your posting frequency may also make a difference. You want to publish often enough for the algorithm to discover you and keep you in your followers’ feeds. However, if you go overboard, you run the danger of overwhelming your followers with too many postings.
I’d aim for no more than one post each day and no more than three tales per day as a general rule. (Of course, there are exceptions, such as when articles are used to transmit reports from a live event.)
Each account is unique. It’s worthwhile to try out several frequencies to find what works best for you and your audience. Remember that the effects of modifications may take a few weeks to show up, so develop a strategy for testing post time and frequently and allow yourself plenty of time.

Some Youtube Videos about increasing Instagram Reach


Your Instagram followers are the finest way to increase your organic reach. They can engage with and share your social media material with a far larger audience than you could ever reach on your own.
By being receptive in return, you may optimize your impact and demonstrate your thanks. If your followers have public profiles, you may follow them. Like their brand-related postings. Share their experiences with your items or a mention of your business. Respond to their remarks and continue the discussion in the responses. Always keep an eye on your direct messages and never leave them unanswered.
It’s important to keep in mind that social media is mostly about engagement. Everyone wants to be heard and acknowledged. As a result, if you respond to your followers, they’ll be more likely to engage with you in the future. They’ll get a favorable impression of your company and, as a result, be more inclined to buy with you.

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