July 23, 2024

Cham Press Release Service

With CHAM Press Release Distribution service, your personal or Business brand will be mention in top-notch Networks

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About Cham press release distribution service

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Cham press Release (PR) distribution service is one of the keys which all brands need to unlock popularity. It doesn’t difference between Business or personal brand, Our Press release distribution service will brings you more presence and brand awareness and then more Traffic, Leads, Followers, Get social networks (ex: Instagram) Verification blue badge, ….

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Our Plans

CHAM Press release Packages

Starter Release

$ 150 One Time Payment for all of them
  • Free 500 Words article
  • Guarantee on %90 of network
  • Google News
  • Free Release Report

Premium Release

$ 400 For Each Network
  • Free 500 Words article
  • Guarantee to Publish
  • Google News
  • Free Release Report

Entreprise Release

$ 2000 Start From based on network
  • Free article
  • Guarantee to Publish
  • Google News
  • Yahoo news
  • Special Features
  • Free Release Report
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More than 10 years experience

The main advantages of press releases include their low cost, ability to reach the target audience, advertising value, assistance to the branding process, and sustainability. Additionally, they help increase people, groups, or institutions’ exposure, income, reputation, dependability, image, and prestige.

It aids in getting a company’s narrative in front of those most inclined to write about it. A business would have to rely on its own network of contacts without a press release to get its story covered by the media.

Press releases can help with SEO.

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